Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are you going to SpouseBUZZ?

SpouseBUZZ Live is coming to Fort Bragg/Pope Air Force Base December 1st. The event is an opportunity to meet other spouses, learn more about subjects such as blogging , and enjoy a laugh or two about our shared experiences as military spouses. SpouseBUZZ Live is free and open to military spouses. I will be schlepping south for this one and would love to meet some of my readers.

As read on…

SpouseBUZZ blog

November is Military Family Month.

Each November, ASYMCA celebrates Military Family Month to demonstrate the nation’s support for and commitment to the families of military personnel. With hundreds of thousands of service members deployed overseas, recognizing the daily sacrifices made by military families has never been more important.’s Military Spouse Network has further enhanced their site by creating a place for military spouses to get information and answers to their questions. If there is a more comprehensive site, I have not found it.

Military Spouse Magazine has launched!

Today is the launch of the print magazine’s website. It includes lots of good stuff including forums where spouses can connect with each other. Take a look! You will not be disappointed.

Stop bad dreams with Dream Caps.

I have not tried these caps, but they seem innovative for children who are going through the bad dreams stage. I am putting this up here because they are giving them away to military families until November 30th, 2007. You only pay postage, so they are worth a try.

Okay, I know it's close to the holidays and everyone is getting busier, but send me your comments. This week's question is:

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

I have to say this is one of the more fun holidays for me. I love cooking and miss having Thanksgiving at my own house, but it's certainly less work at Mom's! (Thanks, Mom!) When we were stationed at Quantico a few years ago I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. My rule has always been to bring anyone, especially if he or she is far from home and has no where else to go. This has always proved rewarding and lots of fun, but the year the corpsman piled into my house and "Ma'am'ed" me to death was probably my favorite so far. If any of you are reading, Happy Thanksgiving, gentlemen!

Enjoy your blessings.

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