Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is much to be thankful for in my home. The main things are healthy children and their daddy who is here and not in The Sandbox. There are many families who are not so lucky, and we need to remember them during this holiday season.

Take a moment to check out this link and remember those who are far from home. Will you wear blue on Fridays? And if you want to be even more proactive, cook a meal for the spouse of a deployed service member, or offer to rake his or her leaves. Something this simple means the world to someone missing their husband or wife who need to be Daddy AND Mommy, plumber AND auto mechanic, good cop AND bad cop (if you have children). Those who pretend they are okay when they are not and the children catch them crying. Who give themselves a pep talk when the phone does not ring when it is supposed to. Who need to be both parts of the team when their other half is away working as part of someone else's team ... for now.

Be there for them if they need you. Their families are also sacrificing for our country; the one you and I call home. Be there to support the greatest supporter of our military members - the military spouse.

To all of the military spouses reading this, whether your spouse is deployed or not, I thank you for your service.

With much admiration and very sincerely,

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