Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pipe Dreams

Do you know what’s cool? I can actually see the day when my first book, FIRST SATURDAY, is optioned as a screenplay. Some people would say this is a pipe dream, but this is actually my job! I am paid to write for people and I love it. I love that I can create people and events from my head for people to read about and enjoy.

This topic came up when a friend and I were talking about choices. We were discussing how when I was an actress in New York. People who were not in the business thought it was so glamorous to get on stage and accept the applause. I have news. Nothing is easy. It was hard work keeping my body and my voice in shape, prepare for auditions and get acting jobs. It was satisfying and fulfilling work because I loved doing it all, but work nonetheless.

That is the key to achieving your pipe dreams: work. You can choose to be successful or you can choose to just take a job. Those who just take any job without direction think things like optioning a screenplay or publishing novels are pipe dreams. Those who choose a path they enjoy and work hard, those people, my friend, are the people who achieve their dreams.

Go for it. Work at what you love and achieve your dreams.

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