Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Busy Week

This has been a busy week. I cannot believe it’s already July 31st! Where is the summer going? Personally, I feel like it is going too much toward work instead of play, so I need to do something about it before summer is over.

While the boys are at camp, I will work on my Tricare services article for Military Spouse Magazine, but save the writing I need to complete for the West Haven Council on the Arts’ 501c3 application for after they go to bed. Instead, after I pick them up from camp, we are going to the Farmer’s Market on the West Haven Green. I’ll do my best to corral them into helping me pick out summer vegetables, which they actually love to do with me, then drop them off at my mother’s so I can finish up my work day. After Roni Night at Mom’s house - where they play with their cousins before and after chowing down on my mother’s excellent food and my stepfather’s excellent meatballs – we will come home and call Daddy who is away for training. They miss him especially because he is the “Nighttime Guy.” He puts them to bed each night. It is fun that I get to do it for a couple of nights instead, but they miss him then.

Therefore, we do fun things to take their minds off missing Daddy. We went to McDonald’s and watched “Cops” last night (a mild episode, believe me!). The night before, I let them play PS2 a lot longer than I usually would. And tomorrow night is Movie Night here at the Alfonso-O’Brien Household.

After all of this, and a good, strong cup of coffee, I will return to my computer and write. Maybe that’s the reason summer is going by so quickly, because I am enjoying it too much. I enjoy the play-time, but I also enjoy the work. I enjoy writing articles and my novel, and I enjoy working toward the goal of an Arts Center in my community.

One day, when I am standing in front of the Arts Center signing my fifth bestselling novel, I will look back on this time and smile. I will smile because I put the family first, but also made time for my own goals. It can be done because I am doing it.

May you enjoy the same.

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Kelly said...

Good work Mama :) You're doing a great job managing your priorities!