Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Airlines Charging Excess Baggage Fee To Deploying Soldiers

Apparently no one at American Airlines has ever waited for reimbursement, especially in a war zone. What is American Airlines thinking by charging soldiers for their excess baggage? It’s not the military that is suffering when by incurring a charge, it’s the person deploying. Whoever made this policy has never had to worry about travelling somewhere they really didn’t want to go while wondering how their family is going to survive without them back home for a while. They apparently never had to rely completely on the commissary’s excellent prices in order to feed their family. And they sure as hell never had to worry about paying a bill.

I know many people disagree with this war, but that does not mean they should not respect those who have a different opinion or who may simply be choosing to fulfill their contract, i.e., go to a war zone because that is what they agreed to do if ordered.

Any thoughts?


American Airlines decided, after a public relations nightmare, to waive the excess baggage fee for soldiers who are on duty.


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