Thursday, July 10, 2008

Writing On The Run

This is what I get for taking a break. I am away for a scrapbooking retreat (no smart remarks from those of you who can’t relate!), but I got here early. Do you know why I got here early? So I could whip off two articles and answer a few emails before diving into my beloved hobby for three days straight. What do I get for my troubles? 30 minutes of wireless connection problems along with Google burps (things were not “responding” when I tried to send emails).

But what is a girl to do? I need to complete my assignments with very limited time, especially now that the boys are home for the summer AND I’m working out of the house for a portion of the week. The problem is that portion is taking a big cut of my regular work time while the family is away at work or camp. This leaves me with late nights, early nights while I ignore the family while they go in the pool or out for ice cream , or this – writing in a hotel room when I should be having fun.

I’m totally not complaining (well, not much anyway) because I would rather work for myself than for anyone else in the world. The price is odd hours, odd working spots, and sometimes working in spurts. It’s just the working in spurts rather than long blocks of time that I don’t like. My first book was written in three months with 16 hour days. This was before children while my husband was also working long days and pulling duty many nights. I liked it. I work best when I can dive in for a long period of time.

Well, that’s not what I have right now, but I know I have more. I'm writing all the time for clients who pay me, a business I spent years building. And Hubby is not pulling night duties, he’s home with us, and we have the “us” – our beautiful, very busy little boys. I’ll take working in spurts for a while and try to be content writing my book in my head for now.

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