Friday, June 06, 2008

Entering the Blogosphere

I am fascinated by the whole notion of blogging. I love it, especially after realizing what a powerful tool it is for journalists and authors. With a blog, you can promote your book signings, your published articles and generally anything you want to let the public know about.

Creating a blog is easier than creating a website. Companies such as blogger, typepad and wordpress let you sign up and create your blog in only a few minutes. You choose your background, choose what categories of information you would like, then upload your first post. You can then post your calendar of classes, publicize special events, or journal your thoughts on a particular topic.

When you do begin blogging, remember to always stay on topic. I blog about military spouse issues, freelance writing and parenting. I try to stay with these three categories, though I go off topic on occasion when I feel compelled to do so. If you stay on topic, you gain readers. If you gain readers, you get assignments and sell books.

Army Wives returns!

Season premier of this fun show is at 10pm on June 8th. Some of the show is cheesy, but it's a pretty good illustration of the strong bonds we military spouses share.

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