Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am disappointed…

This past weekend, my husband attended church in uniform. We sing in the choir. I was amazed at the outright disrespect and cluelessness of its members. One person kept asking which parade he was going to march in, one waved the flag and marched, and he said he heard a few other comments along the way. They did not get the clue when he ignored them.

These are the times when I miss living in a military community. We are about an hour away from my husband’s duty station and no one around us seems to have a clue except the WWII vets. The last group quietly thanked him with a handshake and a choke in their voice after mass.
I know the non-veterans were not being disrespectful, only ignorant. Yet, their ignorance is truly disrespectful to those of us who are members of the military community. These civilians are so complacent in their freedom and their comfort that they do not realize that the man standing beside them in uniform is part of the reason they able to stand in a church and worship freely.

If you feel like leaving a comment, please do so here rather than sending me a private e-mail. Perhaps if my non-military readers see them, they will clue in those who ask about parades and wave flags when they see a person in uniform. Maybe next time they will shake their hand, look them in the eye and say, "Thank you for your service to our country."

To all of the men, women and military families who serve, thank you for your service.

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