Thursday, November 01, 2007

Are there gremlins in my house?

As I waded through the toys and bits in my living room this morning, I began wondering if clutter reproduces itself. Does the missing Lego under the couch wink at the yellow dump truck across the room and make a date? Does the Harry Potter dvd invite the fake ketchup in the miniature kitchen up to the t.v. stand for coffee?

Delegation is definitely the key, especially when you work from home. How to actually do this is still a mystery to me. No, I’m not a control freak and have absolutely no desire to clean it all up by myself, but the half-job that is done when I order everyone to pick up the junk is annoying.

So it sits. (Ask my mother.) One day I will make enough to hire Merry Maids like I did when I was pregnant with my second child, but for now, I get to scream with pain daily as I step on another Matchbox car.

Is your house neat and tidy or does it look as if a gremlin ran through with 20 of his best buddies?

The main thing is to enjoy the family while they are here, for all too soon, my sons will be out in the world on their own. The house will be clean, but quiet, and I will long for the days of Matchbox cars and Legos under my couch.


Pattie said...

Hello, I subscribe to you via bloglines, and I noticed your Starbucks post was taken down. I was going to comment that Starbucks has sent a LOT of coffee overseas to the troops. My DH was in Balad, Iraq over the summer and was given a LOT of coffee over that time he was there. I felt the company had been very generous with their extras. Also this summer, one of the busiest stores inside the Mall of America had a place where people could donate bags of coffee and they wrote messages in Sharpie marker to the troops.

Writing Military Mom said...

Thank you. That's why it was taken down. I can see my readers actually READ my blog. That's good news!!

Sorry everyone, but the Starbuck's thing is an urban legend. I should have looked it up before posting. My apologies to Starbuck's and my thanks to Pattie and everyone else who e-mailed me.


Melonie said...

I'm glad you and Pattie explained this - I've gotten emails about that before and wondered about it, but didn't have time to research it in depth myself. Thanks - you save me the time! :-)

Happy Veterans Day, by the way. I hope you and yours are safe and sound this weekend.