Monday, June 28, 2010

Disney discount discovered!

The Swan and Dolphin gave me an EXCELLENT military discounted rate! $159 for a resort view (parking lot) and $184 for a preferred view (the parks and surrounding area). The funny thing is that when I called ITT to clarify a discrepancy in dates for the park ticket promo, she said she had never heard of the hotel discount at the Swan and Dolphin. As she was researching something for me, she called the Disney agent and THEY had not heard of it. I found out about it at Mousesavers and then got it when I called the Swan and Dolphin. Seeking to maximize our savings on dining (they don't accept the Dining Plan at the S&D), I called again to ask about their military discounts on dining at their hotels. They offer a whopping 50% on all food and beverages (excluding alcohol) with the exception of the Signature Restaurants (Shula's, etc.).

All I'm saying is for the love of mike, ASK! Ask for discounts and don't be ashamed to do it. Our spouses, or we, serve and should take advantage of any military discount provided.


Michael said...

I came across your blog doing some web work for GM. Since you mentioned taking advantage of discounts provided, I thought you and your readers would like to know that GM has a military discount available to active duty members and Reserves as well. If you aren’t familiar with it, all the details are here

There’s also a Facebook page that aims to bring military families together to share their experiences. Check it out when you have some time:



Caffeinated Writer said...


Do you have a press release so I can get more specifics? Signing in just to find out the deal is kind of obnoxious of GM. Regardless, thanks for sending the info to me.

Michael said...


You don't have to sign up to get more info on the site. This link should take you directly to the FAQ section Hope this helps.