Friday, April 03, 2009

Finding Perspective

I have friends and family who are really good at talking about the positive side of anything. I’m not that good at it. I need to revel in the “bad” before I can deal with it head on, which I do very well. I need to moan and complain, maybe cry a little, and then I’m ready to tackle absolutely anything that comes my way.

So, here is an exercise in optimism, or at least speaking out loud in an optimistic manner. I have several bad or aggravating things going on right now. I’m going to tell you what they are, then put my best positive spin on them. Those of you who know me and my realistic pessimism, enjoy. Ready?

1. My retaining wall holds up the pool which is actually the entire yard of my home. We spend the summer battling the algae and the electric bill, then do not use the “yard” the other three season. The retaining wall fell down and is threatening the neighbors’ yard and shed. The entire yard is about to fall into their yard as we wait for our tax return so we can pay the mason to begin work on a new wall. Insurance will not cover this after months and months of battling them BEFORE the wall came down and was only threatening to come down.

SPIN: At least we won’t have to clean the pool this summer.
SPIN: We don’t have to figure out how to spend our tax return. L

2. I downloaded my renewed copy of Norton 360 last week. Tuesday it was downloaded, but I spend until Friday trying to get on my computer as it cycled, turned off, locked up, etc. When I finally got it to work after hours on the phone and through remote computer access on Norton’s part, the printer would not work. Another call to Norton, another remote with Dell, and it all worked at about 7:30pm Friday evening. I made no money last week because I could not get on my computer to write what assignments I had or to get to new work. It was not a break because I had to sit at the computer answering questions of the techs and fiddling with the computer.

SPIN: I didn’t have to work for most of the week.
SPIN: Most of the stacks of paper on my workspace has been filed.

3. My son has to attend a movie party at the mall this afternoon. I hate the mall, its traffic and the food court. I will be having dinner in the Food Court or at one of the less expensive restaurants because I will have my 4-year-old with me who is miffed he was not invited to the “Big Kid’s Party.”

SPIN: I get to browse through Borders when Hubby gets there or grab a coffee and work at Panera’s while waiting to pick up my son.
SPIN: I have sons who have great friends of which the birthday girl is one.

4. One of my closest friends has cancer and will be undergoing aggressive therapy before and after surgery.

SPIN: I am close by to help her and her family, not living far away as I have been for most of our lives. I am strong so she can lean on me. I am blessed to have the opportunity to show my friend how much she means to me.

Number 4 puts the others into perspective, doesn’t it?

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