Monday, March 30, 2009

Swimming Against The Tide

Did you ever have a time in your life when it seems as if you are swimming against the tide? I mean you are using the strokes you were taught in swimming class and kicking your legs furiously, yet you don’t seem to be getting anywhere? That is where I am today. I am writing the queries with style and finesse, and looking around the internet for assignments, but no luck. I have standing assignments from a few of my regular editors, but that does not keep me in my fuel of choice, coffee, or pay my phone bill.

Today I am also dealing with a collapsed retaining wall involving many calls to insurance (which will not pay for it) and the mason, invitations for a Communion party that need to be addressed and mailed, the need to help in Computer class at my son’s elementary school today, and tons of other mundane tasks that have no relation to work, but that need to be completed in order to be able to find my desk in the first place.

All of this adds up to the need to work which isn’t happening today.

How about you? How is your day going? Leave a comment and let’s complain together. Maybe it will make us all feel a little better knowing someone else is out there going through similar stuff.


Katie-Anne said...

Sorry your day isn't going so well. If it helps mine hasn't exactly shone either! I'm finally getting over pneumonia and complications from the illness, and today was "back to work" for the first time this year. As I'm a freelance writer who has had a 3-month sickness break, I feel like I've been sent down the longest snake in snake and ladders and now have to work my way back up again. It's said misery loves company so I thought I'd share! :) Here's to a brighter day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've had many days like this! Somehow you'll get through it and at the end of the day you'll be able to say that you did it! Even if it means that you had to let some things go in order to do it all! Good luck!

Tricia Ballad said...

Oh I hear you! I feel like I say "Just let me get this DONE!" about 15 times a day :)

And if the kiddos let me get somewhere near my desk today, I'll even have a post up on Budget Artists about scheduling in time to work when your job title is Wife/Mother/Teacher/Writer!

Good luck, and know that we've ALL been there!

Lynn said...

Oh, I can so relate!!! Only here, I am dealing with illnesses. All three of my boys are sick--one has bronchitis, one has a tummy bug, and the other has a combo of both. But I seem to be have an attack of gallstones. Trying to write and comfort a 2 year old (the sickest of the three), give meds on time, and rest myself.

Where's the Calgon when it's needed!!!


twinsmom said...

I'm sorry you're having such an awful day, but it's after times like this that the good news usually comes! I always feel like I'm swimming against the tide with toddler twins and two older kids, but I just keep swimming, hoping that it will all be worth it when I reach that shore...that Mexican shore...that one with the marguaritas...that one with hot sun and cool waves and -- I'd better stop or I'll be online buying a plane ticket soon!
Hang in there!

Ash said...

I'm also a military wife and mom, got a new client that I'm working with, hubby is out of town for a few days on military and I'm trying to take care of both our young kids and trying to complete the client's work for the money that I could really use. This week has begun like this comment, without much punctuation, no pauses, no periods.

KA Cole said...

Oh, yeah -- my kind of post! Lemme complain for a moment: our truck is in the shop, and even though its a 2002 it may need a new motor. We can't afford that, and we had hoped to trade this one in anyway since we are outgrowing this one. It is our only means of family transportation, did I mention that? So even if we weren't sick, we can't go anywhere.

We are all sick, after a one-week reprieve from 3 weeks of being ill (going to a new playgroup last week brought on this most recent batch of germs).

Our dishwasher is leaking all over the floor, needs fixing.

Our well filtration system needs to be completely re-done to the tune of 5-9K. (Give or take a few k's, depending on who give us quotes.)

We need to re-fi out of out "toxic loan" but we aren't in foreclosure so no one will deal with us, but we can't continue to stay in this loan and not eventually have problems. We also are within a hair's width of not qualifying to refi.

Lessee... hold on, I've got more! Give me a minute... oh, wait. My 5 yo with a temp of 102 needs some cuddling...

I'm off!
Thanks for listening.

Angie Ledbetter said...

I followed you here from your MW note. My day was like so many others lately...stretched between being a caregiver to my Mom (diagnosed with brain cancer 17 months ago), staying with a friend at the hospital whose husband is on life support, trying to herd my three teenagers while my DH is working for a few months in another state...

I think you get the picture. Just a blur of days lately. Makes me wonder what I used to do with all my "free" time! :)

Angie (who lurves our military families)

Writing Military Mom said...

Boy, did I hit a nerve! Thanks to all of you who commented. I hope tomorrow is a better day for us all.