Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Productivity and This Mom

Sometimes adding more to your pile of responsibilities makes you a more productive writer. It’s true! I just read a blog entry on Copy Blogger that spoke about how having a baby can make you more productive. I agree.

When I had my first son, I had the length of his nap to work. I then continued after my husband came home, then after dinner if needed. I scheduled any calls to the West Coast in the early evening so I could interview people later in the day when they were open to kicking back at their desks and talking on the phone. When my second son arrived, I was able to work while he played at my feet (the first NEVER wanted to do that!), but I still scheduled most of my work while he napped.

Now that the little guy is in preschool, I am back on my daytime schedule, but am much more productive than I was before my sons came into the picture. I sit at my desk at 9:30 each morning, submit my work ahead of time if my sources cooperate, and make the most of the hours when everyone is out of the house being productive in their own right.

No, the dishes don’t get washed, nor the laundry folded until later in the day, but the checks arrive because I get the work done. While I don’t advise having a baby simply to make you more productive, it certainly helped me!


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