Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pillow Forts and Pizza

I am writing this with three children building a fort out of my couch cushions in the living room while I wait for my husband to return home from work with the pizza. I just held a meeting on the dining room table with all the “stuff” pushed to the back of the table and to the sides of the room. Add to this the five articles due this Friday that have not even been started yet.

This from a woman who swore her children would never even know what fast food was. This from a woman whose home was always neat and tidy when she was single and always spent time making little things to make the house homey. This from a woman who was concerned about clothing and made sure her makeup was on each day while she read the Times on the train to her job in the City.

Oh, well. All I can say is school starts tomorrow and I cannot wait. Oh, yeah. I used to think mothers who said that were horrible people who did not love their children nearly as much as I would love mine when they came. Well, they are here and I do love them, but I am very happy school starts tomorrow anyway.

Are you ready for school to begin?

Tell me why. It will lessen the guilt a little to know there are other mommies in the same shoes all over the country and, in the case of those stationed overseas, in the world.

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