Friday, September 05, 2014

WANTED: A job at a cool company

My name is Rosemary O’Brien and I am the dream of any employer.

  • ·         I am hard working, often working into the wee hours building my small business or working on writing assignments for other small businesses and publications.
  • ·         I am creative in my approach to everything whether it be creating the best brochure for a client or my own company, or looking for the best way to get the word out about my projects through social media, radio or someone who knows someone who knows someone else and is willing to introduce me.
  • ·         I have written dozens of magazine articles, website pages, speeches not to mention two novels and one non-fiction guide – all published with royalties and everything.
  • ·         If I have a question, I speak to someone in my network. If no one in my network has the particular expertise or information for which I am looking, I am not afraid to reach out to the big guys even if I’ve never met them. I meet them by reaching out and introducing myself and have met some pretty cool people this way.
  • ·         I apply for everything, from grants that might fit my projects to scholarships for conferences. I have met the best people at conferences. If I find the material or the subject is something I already know pretty well, I listen anyway. You never know what you can learn or whom you can mentor if given the chance.
  • ·         I have experience as an administrative assistant as well as a professional actress. Sometimes they work together pretty well!
  • ·         And lastly, I have directed and stage managed up to 80 children in children’s theatre. If I can corral that type of situation and make a meaningful project come to life on a stage, I guarantee I can coordinate the printing of your report or gather material for your website.

Add all of this work experience and skill to the fact that I have done much of it while staying home with my children and moving homes where my retired Naval Officer husband’s job has taken us for years. He has retired, we are settled now and I want to use all of this experience in support of a good job with decent pay in a company that is not too stodgy, yet not completely unorganized or it will not be around for me to work. In short, I want to have fun while I work, but I still want to work hard. Is it possible to find a technology company, a news organization or communications department somewhere that can fulfill my dream of working for a paycheck? It’s a simple dream.

If you are in charge of hiring for such a company, one that will embrace my skills and experience while not requiring me to make coffee all day or stock shelves, I would love to talk to you. I am located in Southern Connecticut and am happy to work on site or virtually, but I want to work and I would be an asset to any company that wants a strong, helpful, vibrant and organized communications expert who can take charge when necessary, yet assist when someone else is in charge. Please contact me at with the word ‘GOOD JOB’ in the subject line. I promise you, you will not be sorry.

Very Sincerely,

Rosemary O’Brien

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