Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Swapping Website

I just discovered a great website. It is called PaperBack Swap. You just list the books you are willing to trade and post the books you want. When someone requests your book, you simply mail it to them. In return, you receive credits toward books which other members then mail to you. The only cost is the postage, but that is reciprocated when someone mails a book to you.

This looks like a great way for those stationed overseas to get current titles on their wish list which you can also create on the site. I posted a copy of the book I wrote. In fact, that's how I discovered this site. My book was listed on someone's wish list. Isn't that great?

If you join, go through this site so I receive book credits. And make sure to post here and let me know you joined. This sounds like a great solution to my pile of books. It's like a global version of my local used book store without the drive.

 Swap Books for Free -

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