Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conjuring the Ghost of Antoinette Perry

Every year during the Tony Awards, I get the urge to write that play. Well, not a play, actually, but a Broadway musical. Not some splashy color-soaked monstrosity with no real depth, but the “Gone With The Wind” of Broadway for our time. You know, a language-sanitized Rent or a post-911 A Chorus Line.

My ideas for my novels, non-fiction books and musical theatre productions are safe and sound on index cards in what my students know as the “Idea Box,” but I have yet to jot a word of that musical. I know who will write the music and help with the lyrics, though I will write the majority of the lyrics myself. I just don’t know how to fund such a venture without losing my house and neglecting my family. And what about those agents who are looking at my next novel or that ghostwriting gig I may have soon (from my mouth to God’s Ears!)?

Yes, every year I watch the Tonies and dream of seeing my musical as one of the featured performances because it is up for Best Musical that year. I watch, dream and hope I figure out a way to add about 10 more hours to my days.


armywife65 said...

(not for publication)
I appreciate your input on my poll. I, unlike some, can take corrective criticism. Guess I really didn't think about that last one. But I did change the questions.
I do concur about us military wives catching crap from others, but, I for one, don't like hanging out with most military wives. I get tired of hearing the complaining about the military not doing what they want them to do, and all their gossiping.
I am not going to approve your comment, due to the fact that I have changed the questions.
But, thank you for pointing that out.

armywife65 said...

one more thing, you might want to monitor your comments. Make them go to modification first. I didn't want my comment to be posted. It was for you personally...Thanks
I did not see a place to contact you.