Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu or Just A Stomach Bug?

My little boy woke up hurling today. Needless to say, he did not go to preschool. It made me wonder, though. Until this swine flu thing has run its course, I am going to think everything they have that has even one flu symptom (such as tossing his cookies) has the potential of closing down the schools in West Haven.

‘Not really. I send them to school unless they have a fever or if they…ride the porcelain Honda. Of course, this always happens when I have deadlines and work up the wazoo, but that’s why I work at home, right? I just have to keep remembering that .

Now that I write this, let’s have some fun. (I need it after the 8th time going over the floors with the Swiffer and changing my little guy’s clothing.)

What are other names for, well, throwing up? (Yes, eww, but this could be funny.) And please get as funny and irreverent as you’d like, just don’t be vulgar or I’ll have to delete you.

I’ll start with the three I’ve mentioned.

1. hurling
2. riding the porcelain Honda
3. tossing your cookies


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zookbooknook said...

Spewing chunks, and I can only write this, think about it, and say it when I am 100% healthy!
I hope your little one starts feeling better soon :)

Paula said...

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