Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

Is anyone else messed up by the recent switch to Daylight Saving Time? I am! At the beginning of the day, I am exhausted because my body thinks it’s still an hour earlier. The problem comes at the end of the day. After an entire day of running around, my brain cannot stop and I am not exhausted anymore. Sure, I could probably force myself to go to sleep, and I really should, but there are always things to do such as housework, work-work or simply chilling out knitting or reading before I go to bed. Let’s call it the dreaded term I hate – “Me time.”

When I worked in someone else’s office, I always got to a logical place in my work before leaving for the night…and leave I did. I had no problem putting things off until the next day if they were not deadline-driven. So what’s my problem now? Is it that I have more projects that are deadline-driven or am I just in a groove that compels me to continue on with the necessary evils of running a business from home in the home which also needs to be run?

And don’t tell me about delegating. Sometimes I feel lazy with all the delegating I do. Then I realize the reasons I am delegating:

  • I am working and not sitting around,

  • I am teaching young children the value of responsibility and how to be a responsible person,

  • and my husband lives here, too, which is something many women of an older generation seem to forget.

If he works all day and comes home as tired as I do, why should he sit around while I clean the dishes, do the laundry, put the kids to bed, etc. In fact, my husband is the “Night Guy” around here. He does the dinner dishes because I cook the dinner; he bathes the kids and puts them to bed because I do some of my work in the evening after taking a break after school to pick up kids, make that dinner, etc.; and he does the laundry because I cannot carry heavy things such as a laundry basket and definitely not up the stairs from the basement!

So, there you go. I am taking a deep breath right now and multi-tasking. While I slurp a yogurt lunch, I will run a computer scan so my browser will stop shutting gown, brew a pot of coffee, and while that’s going, I will load the dishwasher. (Hubby ran it last night, the dear guy.)

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