Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Work At Home Milspouse

Every since agreeing to edit a career site on 4 Military Families (, I have been asked repeatedly for links to work-at-home jobs. Quite frankly, there are not as many jobs as there are freelance opportunities and articles on how to create your own business. In other words, there are few companies that will pay you to work from home. You have to create your own opportunities.

To that end, I invite everyone and anyone to email me with their favorite links to freelance opportunities, flat out work-at-home jobs, and articles about creating a business from home or handling your business at home. I will organize the links and post them for you in a new blog, Work At Home Milspouse (

Help me make this the premiere site for work at home opportunities for military spouses. It’s tough moving around and finding a job that doesn’t involve a cash register or making coffee for people. Send me links and I will post them, but be careful to check out the links ahead of time. Anything that doesn’t fit the mission will be cast aside with gusto. I have spent a lot of wasted time going to links that do not offer anything to someone looking for an honest way to earn a decent paycheck from home.

Good luck with your search. Make sure to send me thoughts on how to make the blog better or even just your thoughts on what I am doing right so I keep on doing it!

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