Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Pictures of Work-At-Home Moms

So many websites for WAHM’s show pictures of women holding babies, or with babies near their feet, while typing on their computer … with a smile on their faces. Get real! I am a WAHM with a successful freelance writing business and I have yet to smile while trying to meet a deadline with children underfoot. This has been especially true when the kids were young enough to hold in my arms. I remember trying to configure those puzzle-like babygates so as to keep my toddler occupied while I tried to write. He spent the entire time trying to figure out how to knock them down or climb over them. As a result, I wrote when he napped or after he went to bed.

When my second son was born, it was a bit easier. He has been into trains and cars since the moment he could sit up. As a result, he plays with his Thomas the Tank Engine set for hours on end. It was a bit easier, but I still never held him in my arms while trying to use my brain and write or research. In fact, the only time I held either of them while on the computer was while breastfeeding and then I typed with only one hand, which really does not work.

So when you see those photos of smiling working moms holding babies while sitting at their computer, just know that they are either online shopping, checking their horoscope or reading the message boards to keep sane while their writing waited for later when everyone was fast asleep. Any WAHM who tells you different is totally lying.

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