Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blogging and the Milspouse

The military spouse community is slowly becoming more of a force unto itself. Before blogging and all of the handy website-building sites became commonplace, we had to rely on word-of-mouth or our local base facilities to get information and find help. Now we can simply go to a message board or do a search for a blog. Blogs like Sarah Smiley’s or SpouseBUZZ have made it easier to get the information we need from others who have been through whatever it is we need information about! How much easier is that than asking or calling around until you eventually get that phone number or the name of the right person?

We even have magazines such as Military Spouse Magazine that is filled with helpful articles about things like pre-deployment briefings (my article, thank you) or acronym dictionaries. They even had an informational piece about how to change a tire! When I saw that someone actually wanted to provide helpful information I could actually use, I not only subscribed, but I became one of their regular writers.

So search around for some cool blogs and message boards the next time you need information. Someone will always be there to listen and help.

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I found you! Abby