Friday, December 21, 2007

'Twas the Friday Before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas and the entire day
all the devices were whirring and I could not get away.
The children were safely at school for the moment
completely unaware of the chaos and torment.

Hubby with his students and I with my virtual clients,
I had just settled down to think of a blog post.
When out in the street there came such a fuss
I sprang from my chair to see what it was.

Well not really a fuss, but a commotion transacted,
the perfect event for the easily distracted.
With boxes and bags, some cards in his hand
from the mailbox he held ‘cause he was the mailman.

This bastion of hope who arrives every day
with my checks and the letters that help earn my pay.
This time he went to his truck two or three times
as with glee I waited for my gifts from online.

So in he trekked with my stuff to be dropped
as I held the door wide and I skipped and I hopped.
For now I could wrap while the children weren’t here
wondering what Mommy was doing with the door closed by a chair.

The moral is thus, to remind us to take
just a moment to think about the moments we make.
For it isn’t the presents or cookies that matter,
but the things that were thought of and given with love.

If I take time from work when I own the business
the gift must be special and the cookies delicious.
So as I went back to my keyboard that night,
I thanked all of my readers.

Merry Christmas and goodnight.


Take a moment to remember our military members far from home. Light an extra candle, leave an open chair at the dinner table, or just take a moment to keep them in your thoughts. After all, our freedom isn't free.



MATT said...

You must read the book "House To House: An Epic Memoir of War" by SSG David Bellavia. This book about the war in Iraq is riveting. I couldn't put it down. It's better than Blackhawk Down. It's funny how I have not seen or heard a word about it on mainstream media. Bellavia really gives you a look at what our troops are sacrificing for us. If you haven't already...get it. and tell everyone you know about it. This kid is nominated for the medal of honor....and deserves to be heard! I bought my copy on amazon, but I've seen it at Barnes & Noble.

Lea Dales Photography said...

hi Ro
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year
I pray that 08 be a year of health, happiness and prosperity for you!
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