Friday, October 19, 2007

Deployment and Lemonaid

Find your local center and check "the girls." It may save your life.
Right now, I am writing a couple of articles for Military Spouse Magazine Once again, I am struck by the courage of women – military wives in particular.

This piece is about ringing in the new year without your spouse, a common occurrence in the days of war. They say that when given lemons, you should make lemonaid. Well, that is what these spouses have done. As I read the responses to my e-mails, and hear the stories over the telephone, I cannot help but burst with pride. No, I do not think it is a good thing to be away from your spouse for an extended period of time, especially while he is in a war zone. I do however believe we have to step up to the plate and do what’s required when things do not go our way, and that is what all of these women have done.

They have decided to make lemonaid. Some return home with their parents or other relatives for the duration of the deployment, while others simply jump in and act as Mom AND Dad for their children. Others spread the love and reach out to others in the military community who might need help coping.

As I said, I am bursting with pride because I, too, am a part of this community of strong women – the military spouse. I have only spoken to wives, but I know there are husbands out there doing the same things, with and without children, while their wives are deployed. I tip my hat to all of the spouses, whether or not they are facing deployment of their other half. We all share a bond and we should all be proud of ourselves and each other.

What do you do differently when your spouse is deployed or TAD?

Chime in and let us know the type of lemonaid you make when you are handed those lemons.

P.S. Military Spouse Magazine goes monthly in January 2008, and hits the commissaries later in the spring. Check out this publication specifically geared to the military spouse. Tell 'em Rosemary O'Brien sent you.


Laura said...

I'm an enlisted wife, with 6 children at home. Hubby has only done one deployment, but a bunch of schools, etc., especially during the times when we're getting ready to move. As you can imagine, our lives are BUSY, with school, church, mom's work, after-school activities, birthday parties, etc., etc. I have very little time to even think when he's gone, and my activities change very little during that time. I DO tend to spend a little more time online, because we're currently in a VERY non-military community, and having support from other military spouses is essential for me to survive during times of separation.

Melonie said...

Just wanted to say congratulations on getting pieces accepted with Military Spouse. I'm excited to hear they are going monthly soon. They're an interesting resource - also available at some Borders and Waldenbooks stores, in addition to on post.