Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Article Gardening

Barry Morris’ article, The Article Garden: The writer’s secret to a bountiful harvest of good writing was in part an affirmation of my own work habits, and mostly an excellent how-to about something I take for granted.

Since I have always had a terrible memory, I have developed coping skills. One of these is listing ideas on a simple page. I originally began an index card file before computers were so widely available, but have moved much of my idea file over to a simple word processing file. I list ideas for articles, novels, poetry – anything I may want to write in the future. When I am mining for stories, I go to the file and pull out an idea and begin research.

Barry Morris’ article takes this idea one step further by exploring how to grow these seeds planted on the virtual page in your computer. Take a look and get inspired.

How do you keep track of your ideas?

I’m back from my vacation, but buried under e-mails. Thank you to Barry for providing me with my topic this week. I am much obliged.



Christine said...

I found your blog on Fuelmyblog.
Good luck with your writing!

I keep a journal, but I also have some ideas just stewing around in my brain. I also clip articles and stuff them in odd places. I need to be as organized as you. It makes those creative impulses more real, less of a vague desire.

Julianne said...

I have a bulletin board next to my computer on which I write my ideas as they come to me. I put them on index cards and pin them up as they come to me. If I need inspiration, I look to my left.