Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Career and the Military Spouse

Since I began my blog, Writing Military Spouse, I have enjoyed meeting all of the people involved in helping spouses, especially in the career arena. The problem I have is with how often some specific careers are suggested.

While I, too, have a secretarial background, I have a problem with many spouse employment sites and articles suggesting, by their frequency, this is the ONLY way we can work from home. Medical transcription classes are readily available as are books on how to start a business as a virtual assistant. Is this all we can do as military spouses? Why not aim higher?

A spouse does not have to own a direct sales business to be successful either. I for one did not enjoy the sales aspect of my scrapbooking business, but loved teaching. As a result, I parlayed my teaching interests and talents into providing writing classes for some of the local adult education departments. Why not do the same with your talents and interests? How about a shopping and errand service for the locals? I have met spouses who charge an hourly rate to pick up dry cleaning, groceries or even the children from the babysitter. Do you like photography? Family photos are popular, especially at the beginning of the school year when all of the clothes are new and the haircuts are fresh.

Military spouses are self-sufficient, highly resourceful individuals. Show the world what we can do! If you want to work, figure out a new way to do it. No, it is not the easiest thing in the world to start a business, but it is definitely worth it. I am home with the children when they need me, my schedule is ultimately dictated by me (and the children and the husband and the house), and I do not have to ask anyone what I need to do. I decide what to do, how to do it, and take responsibility if I do something wrong.

What types of businesses or careers can a military spouse pursue?

Send me your ideas and enlighten us. If you have any tips, or would like to send me a link to your website or blog, I would love to receive all of it

(This article is not intended to slam virtual assistants or medical transcriptionists. These are excellent careers, just not the only ones available to those who wish to work from home.)


Serenity Now! said...

It seems to me that any company around a military base would be very used to hiring military spouses.

If you want to work at home then you could choose almost anything... writer, photographer, web design, proofreading, editing, telecommunications, direct sales, entreprenuer, seamstress, make up artist, massage therapist, financial advisor, blah blah blah...

Anonymous said...

"Medical transcription classes are readily available as are books on how to start a business as a virtual assistant. Is this all we can do as military spouses? Why not aim higher? "

Aim Higher? A good medical transcriptionist is a highly skilled worker who can work from home, readily move anywhere there is the Internet and keep the same job. I would think medical transcription is a good thing

Writing Military Mom said...


It IS a good thing. It's just not the ONLY thing out there.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

I started my own business doing karaoke. My predominate customer base is soldiers on the post where I live (Ft. Carson, CO). I started out pushing buttons in the clubs, then I got my own set up and started hiring myself out. I also offer DJ services and tell people I am the "walmart" of DJs (I charge about 1/8th what a typical DJ costs...I want to give those who can't afford an expensive DJ to still have a great time without the great cost. Plus, this is basically a hobby for me, so I don't have to charge big fees to make up for slow weeks). I am now the "official karaoke lady" here as I am now contracted to do work in both available clubs here. I have a great time and I get the blessing of providing support for our troops. Plus, who else gets paid to throw a party for their friends twice a week? Although, I have a regular weekly schedule, I do private parties, and I can take/refuse work as I see fit, that's one of the great things about my business. When hubby deploys, I'll probably take on more work to keep busy(

Tonya Ramsey said...

Although, I am not a military wife (though both my first husband and my current husband both served).

I think that the real key to finding a work at home just that will fit, is to follow your passions. What will you be excited about doing everyday when you wake up? With some creativity there are really endless possibilities.