Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Foreign Language or Camouflage?

Do you know what your kids are texting?

Texting and instant messaging are one of the hottest past-times for children, especially teenagers. Being people who are working their way toward independence (we hope!), but not quite old enough to move completely out from under the parental wing, these smart little buggers have developed a shorthand to speak with each other when we are around. Do you know what they are saying? Check out this article from Family Education and find out. A Parent’s Guide To Understanding Online Acronyms.

I do not have to worry about this yet since my 7-year-old is still learning to read. It will be a while before he can IM anyone with any degree of proficiency, but I am always on top of what’s going on with children and their computers. I am already planning to purchase a second computer to put in the family room so no one can be on it without Mom or Dad very close by.

What are you doing to keep your kids cybersafe? Let us know so we can all help each other keep our computer-literate children safe.


writingmilmom.blogspot.com said...

This came in very handy...thank you. I stopped at the store after I left the beach last night and when I walked into the house, I found my 12 year old daughter and her BFF (lol) on the computer IM-ing a boy from her theater class (which she has a huge crush on him). Of course, I looked over the shoulder, while telling them I am looking over your shoulder, and hearing them giggling and laughing while saying "no, type this." So, from a mom who is entering a whole new world, thanks!

Abby and Sheri said...

It's very scary what young people know how to do. They have more acronyms than the physicians I work with every day (that's pretty bad!). I have young people who work with me and say "I sent you a text message about that, did you not get it?"

No, I am pretty computer savvy but I did not get their text message. It never occurred to me to check!