Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm off to Rome!!

I have been all over the world, but never to Rome and I'm leaving tomorrow, the 26th! I sing with an excellent church choir which is going to sing at a couple of masses and perform a concert at the Vatican. We're going to be one of those big American tour groups with members of the congregation along, too, but being part of a tour gets us head of the line privileges, so I'll deal.

Here is my personal plan:

To contain my euphoria while viewing ancient sites.
To find a great bowl of pasta and excellent glass of wine (along with whatever else they want to feed me!), without gaining a pound. :)
To walk everywhere so as not to gain any pounds.
To sing flawlessly even though I'm one little part of a group, or to at least mess up quietly.
To find a zillion great article ideas to pitch editors upon my return, after I recover from the jet lag, of course.
To not miss my husband and children too much when I'm ringing in the new year with the Romans and assorted tourists.

I'm off to finish packing. Arrivederci!

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