Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wendy Wasserstein's "Elements of Style"

What a wonderful book. It was fascinating to read about the privileged class in New York City shortly after the 9/11. I read that this is one of the first novels to touch on that subject and Wasserstein did it well, in my opinion. The people are more interested in throwing the right parties, wearing the right clothes, and marrying the right people so as to further their social standing in society. Quite frankly, the hot dog vendor on the corner of 47th and Broadway selling to the patrons waiting in the TKTS line has a better understanding of the world than these spoiled, narrow-minded people.

I chose "Elements of Style" because of the title as well as, of course, the author who died from cancer earlier this year. Wasserstein won the Pulitzer for the play "The Heidi Chronicles," and is most noted for her plays, but this novel shed light on a world that is closed to most of us who live in the "real world."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Read the NY Times' review then go to Amazon.com to purchase your own copy.

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